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FitServe offer a range of professional cleaning and lubricating products.

Foam Cleansing Spray 500ml

A highly versatile deep cleansing
Foam cleaner specially formulated
for removal of grime, grease and dirt.
Excellent for cleaning all parts of your
gym kit, removes sweat, Excess/ old
silicone and leaves a glossy finish

£5.99 per can
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Pure Silicone Oil 100ml + Applicator

This high quality pure silicone oil is
excellent for Lubricating treadmill
Decks and belts, weight stack
guide rods and almost any
moving parts on your resistance
machines for smoother operation

£9.99 per pack (100ml + applicator)
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High Quality Silicone Spray 500ml

Great for lubricating any moving parts
Where pure silicon oil is too heavy.
Heavy duty polish action,
good for polishing up plastic
for a high sheen finish
Provides an excellent sweat resistant
£5.99 per can